Fuck, it’s going on two decades since the day Nigel was sitting on the loo, staring at his Jesus nightlight when the gears started churning, the bowels started burning, and the Baby Jesus Butt Plug and his kin were birthed. The Good Lord does indeed shine her Divine Intervention upon us.

We’re a small earnest group of artisans who are proud to bring to you high-quality silicone dildos, handcrafted and hand colored in small batches by cats, then cured in a microwave that was really meant for heating lunch.

That’s why each of these dildos is unique and varies in their coloring.

Contrary to rumours, we do not put a little bit of ourselves into each of these babies. They are 100% silicone. And they are made to make you come.


Divine, PO Box 3665, Oakland, CA 94609, USA

Email is the best way to reach us and we endeavor to respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.

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